Midlands Partnership Access Request Portal


This online portal has been designed to assist in accessing data held by Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.  Service users, staff members, and those authorised to act on the behalf of others can use this portal to submit one of 4 types of Subject Access request. (see below)  Freedom of Information requests ca also be requested via this portal (see below)

The Trust’s Records Department will manage this portal to ensure that requests are responded to and actioned as appropriate.

Please see the Trusts Privacy Notice for further information about how the Trust handles your data 

Subject Access Requests – Data Protection Act 2018

Article 15 of the UK General Data Protection Regulation (UK GDPR) gives individuals, and/or their authorised representatives, the right to access copies of the information that an organisation holds on them – with some exemptions. These requests are known as Subject Access Requests (SARs). There is no charge for SARs; except in certain circumstances - such as if the request is deemed to be excessive or ‘manifestly unfounded’.

Access to Deceased Records - Access to Records Act 1990

For requesting the records of a deceased patient, only the executor or administrator - with proof that they are such, has an absolute right to the records. A grant of probate, letters of administration or a copy of the current will are accepted as proof. Other persons may apply either with written permission from the executor or by giving their reason for making a claim to access the records.

Freedom of Information Requests - FOI Act 2000

The Freedom of Information Act 2000 provides public access to information held by public authorities.
The Act covers any recorded information that is held by a public authority in England, Wales and Northern Ireland,
The Act does not give people access to their own personal data (information about themselves) such as their health records or credit reference file. If a member of the public wants to see information that a public authority holds about them, they should make a data protection subject access request.

How to make a request

How do I make a request?

When making your request, please ensure the correct application type is selected.  This will enable the team to process your request effectively.  

You can get a copy of your health records by creating an account through our online portal: Account Signup.

If you are an organisation or representative, you should also use the online portal: Account Signup.

If you are applying to access the records of more than one person you must complete a separate application for each patient.

Freedom of information Requests
if you wish to make a Freedom of Information request please use the online portal: Account Signup.

Please find our Frequently Asked Questions here.

A user guide is available to help you through the process here.

Contact Details

If you need support with this process please e-mail: health.records@mpft.nhs.uk for Subject Access Requests or FOI@mpft.nhs.uk for FOI requests.

Get Started Online

The fastest and most efficient way of making Subject Access Requests and Freedom of Information Requests, is online via this Access Portal. Please create an account or login with your existing credentials if you already have one. With an account, you will be able to answer any questions we have concerning your request and track the progress we are making. 

For Subject Access Requests please ensure you have a form of ID and proof of address ready before submitting your request and that you select the application form which matches the information you are asking to receive.

We look forward to hearing from you.